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With more courage than experience, Felicia began grabbing the attention of her peers with her unique style and ambitious mind through social media networks. While being a full-time student and working part-time, Felicia decided to follow her dreams and use her fashion sense to create a brand for women all over the world. A brand where women can find sexy but classy outfits that will not only have you looking good but feeling amazing too. From September 20th, 2019 to August 5th, 2020 Felicia has been completely devoted to working day and night to build her brand to this point. With the support and love from her family, Felicia was able to bring her vision to life and create her brand GunnisOnMe.

GunnisOnMe, is an apparel brand that focuses on providing affordable yet luxurious collections to fashion enthusiasts. Felicia Gunnis created her brand with the vision that GunnisOnMe will reach local and national markets but also be branded to have a global appeal. 


The message that GunnisOnMe promotes is Making Dreams a Reality. We believe it is never too late to follow your dreams. We empower and encourage dream chasers to keep achieving. Through hard work, dedication and consistency Felicia has built her brand from the ground up. Investing not only money, but her time into constantly improving her brand, business reputation and ethic. Using social media along with developing great business relationships to expand her audience.


“I want women to never doubt themselves or how they look. I want them to be able to wear my pieces and exude confidence! I want women to know that they now have a brand that was created especially for them, and that I’ll never stop working to give them pieces that make every body-shape and size feel good inside and out. “ 


CEO and Founder, Felicia Gunnis 

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